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Stepper Motor Pump

Stepper Motor Pump

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Stepper Motor Pump

Stepper Motor Pump | TIERMAX

Stepper Motor Pump

Tiermax stepper motor pump combines intelligent drive concept with diaphragm dosing pump accuracy and sets new standards in reproducibility and reliability. The variable frequency control and output range of 0.02…50 l/h at 10 bar allow for almost limitless applications. It is simple to use, long-lasting, and well-suited to demanding dosing tasks.

Individual solutions for special dosing tasks, such as tri-clamp connection and integration into a PROFIBUS/PROFINET network, are available via the INTERFACE MODULE.

Advantages of Stepper Motor Pump

Extremely large output range with just one pump

Adjustment range 1:1000, can therefore be adjusted optimally

Low-pulsation dosing

Microprocessor-controlled drive

Remote design

Energy-efficient drive technology

Batch dosing and recipe storage (Pro+)

Intuitive menu control including configuration

Pulse scaling

Day/timer function with 10 storage slots (Pro+)

Low chemical consumption thanks to high dosing accuracy

Slow mode operation for viscous substances

Additional Features of Stepper Motor Pump

Easy paradosing of several pumps by means of removable control element

PROFIBUS- / PROFINET- Interface Module (Option)

Applicable internationally

Sample Applications of Stepper Motor Pump

Chlorine dosing for drinking water treatment

Flocculating agent dosing in wastewater treatment

Dosing of flocculant aids

CIP applications

Material, drive & control

The high quality of the materials ensures long-term, operational dependability. Every requirement can be met with the appropriate material.

A multiphase motor is coupled to a precise eccentric drive in a strong plastic housing to form the drive unit. Tiermax housings and base rings meet all requirements and, for example, can withstand chemical attack due to the material used.

The flow rate of Tiermax stepper motor pumps can be continuously controlled by hand or via signals. This method can cover an adjustment range of 1:1000. The control mechanism is the stroke speed.