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Piston Pump

Piston Pump

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Piston Pump

Piston Pump | TIERMAX

Piston Pump

Piston Pump for High Pressure

Tiermax dosing and feeding pumps are oscillating displacement pumps used for liquid dosing and feeding in a variety of industrial applications. We can dose nearly any flowing medium, even those with aggressive, abrasive, odorous, radioactive, inflammable, viscous, or toxic properties – consistently and safely.

Despite its high pressure range, the Tiermax piston pump is extremely versatile and reliable. With Low-wear components necessitate little maintenance, and the familiar quality and dependability are impressive.

Advantages of Piston Pump

Large pressure range

High operational reliability

Easy commissioning

Extended operating range

Various versions available

Features of Piston Pump

High pressure range with pressures up to 140 bar

High operating safety due to leakage nozzle and optional rinsing nozzle

Low maintenance due to low-wear components

Stroke mechanism designed as spring-cam drive

Linear /continuous adjustment of stroke length from 0..100%, stroke length adjustment is displayed in the standard version, manual stroke length adjustment

RF design: operation possible with frequency converter

Examples of Application of Piston Pump

Drinking water treatment

Food and beverage industry

Chemical, petrochemical, gas, refineries

Power plants


Piston Pump

Technical Specification

Pump type RF 409.2-8K RF 409.2-12K RF 409.2-18K
Permissible pressure p2 max. at pump outlet Normal capacity QN at P2 max. Normal capacity QN at P2 max. Normal capacity QN at P2 max. Max. suction height Min./Max. permissible pressure at the pump inlet
bar l/h (50 Hz) l/h (60 Hz) ml/stroke mWC bar
140 8 10 1,3 3 -0,3/0
140 12 14 1,3 3 -0,3/0
140 18 22 3,0 3 -0,3/0

Piston Pump – Drive and Control

Each drive unit is made up of a recognized motor model coupled with a stroke mechanism housed in a sturdy housing. Tiermax housings can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

Their material thickness and surface treatment are even chemically resistant.

The flow rate of the Tiermax piston pumps can be controlled either continuously or constantly. Manual flow rate adjustment is performed by:

• Stroke length modification

Adaptive flow rate control based on analogue or digital input signals, with:

• Three-phase motors with frequency converters for adjusting stroke frequency

• Actuators with positioning controllers for adjusting stroke length


We have two standard series piston pumps with below specifications:

1)  Piston Pump RF409.2 K

Flow rate from 8 l/h to 22 l/h counter pressures up to 140 bar

2) Piston Pump C409.2 K Pro+

Flow rate from 8 l/h to 22 l/h counter pressures up to 140 bar