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Steam Sterilization / Pasteurization System

Steam Sterilization / Pasteurization System

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Steam Sterilization / Pasteurization System

Steam Sterilization / Pasteurization System | TIERMAX

Steam Sterilization / Pasteurization System

TiERMAX continuous steam sterilization/pasteurization systems are designed for High Temperature, Short Time (HTST) decontamination.

Our Steam pasteurization/sterilization systems are the most effective ‘natural’ method for reducing or eliminating bacteria, pathogens, and other food-borne causes of sickness. With the TiERMAX steam sterilization/pasteurization systems, you get a continuous ‘inflow’ of high pressure steam that results in the elimination of undesired microorganisms while causing the minimum harm to the organoleptic characteristics (flavor, color, texture or taste) of spices, herbs and nuts.

Our steam sterilization/pasteurization systems can be used to process chili powders, whole and ground pepper, paprika, garlic, cloves etc., and a variety of herbs, seeds, and other spices.

Advantages of our steam sterilization / pasteurization system:

Safe and healthy decontamination process

No use of chemicals or irradiation

No broken end product

Retention of aroma, color and flavoring agents

Continuous decontamination of bacteria and pathogens

Natural, renewable process that utilizes steam

Low energy consumption

Easy to operate


Very gentle for leavy products

Area of applications of our steam sterilization / pasteurization system

Spices and herbs

Seeds, grains and nuts

dehydrated vegetable substances

deactivation of enzymes, e.g. amylase and lipase


We can do leafy spices without harm to the leaf due to our gentle shaking action – there is no screw conveyor that can damage the product.

The continuous system treats powders as well as whole spices, which is a unique feature of our steam sterilization/pasteurization systems.

How does our Steam sterilization / pasteurization Systems work?

TiERMAX continuous steam sterilization / pasteurization systems are designed for High Temperature, Short Time (HTST) decontamination. Steam is the fastest possible way of heating product to an exact preset temperature. The HTST process exposes materials that are considered contaminated to high temperature steam for just a short time. The material is then dried and cooled. This is a simple idea, but is one of the most practical and effective methods for treating products in this industry.

The process works by feeding and discharging the product through a self-cleaning pressure rotary valve that isolates an autoclave from the ambient room. Inside this autoclave, a shaking table transports product through a steam-pressurized chamber at a specific speed and creates a thin layer of product. Condensation builds on the product surface and this imparts high energy into the surface of the product. This kills unwanted bacteria and pathogens.

Steam treatment Process for deactivation of enzymes

In addition, steam treatment is effective in the deactivation of enzymes, e.g. amylase and lipase. This cannot be done with irradiation or ethylene oxide treatment. These enzymes have been shown to cause a breakdown of fat and starch components in sauces, salads and many ready-made meals. The heart of the nut is left natural and alive – it will still germinate. This makes it possible for the ‘organic’ food label to be applied and for certain products to be labeled as ‘pasteurized’.

Steam Sterilizer or Steam Pasteurizer

We offer two different technologies of decontamination systems commonly referred to as ‘steam sterilizers’ and ‘steam pasteurizers’.

The main difference is that ‘sterilizers’ do their work in closed pressure vessels (autoclave) at up to 3 bar (45 psi) and ‘pasteurizers’ work at atmospheric pressure with superheated steam.
The selection of the appropriate technology depends on the size of the product itself and the type of pathogens to be eliminated.

We offer some standard sizes of steam sterilization/pasteurization systems to span the range of commonly specified capacities but each system is customized to meet the client’s specific requirements.