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Double Cone Mixer

Double Cone Mixer

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Double Cone Mixer

Double Cone Mixer | TIERMAX

Double cone mixer

Double Cone Mixer is used for intermediate dry mixing of free-flowing or application with high cleaning requirements between batch operation.
The drum rotating at low speed and making the products slide gently on inner walls and non-force mixing effect is widely suitable for fragile material. The conical shape at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge.
Furthermore, our highly efficient and flexible solutions can optimize the blending of free-flowing powders and granules, and they are equally effective at combining high bulk density and abrasive goods with the least amount of attrition possible.

Advantages of Double Cone Mixer :

Very easy to clean

Low maintenance

Low power consumption and easy operation

Saving material consumption

Complete products discharge

Repetitive mixings processes, reproducible and easy to scale up

Features of Double Cone Mixer :

Internally minor polish

Heating / cooling jacket

Vacuum / pressure design available

ATEX design available

Chopper option for lump breaking

Spray device

Technical Specifications of Double Cone Mixer :

Volume Liter

100 – 30,000 L

Fill Factor



1.5 - 50 kW


4 - 24 rpm

Double Cone Mixer