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Fruit Drying Technology

Fruit Drying Technology

Basically, drying can be done by two processes: natural drying and mechanical dehydration or artificial drying, based on the source of energy.
TiERMAX can support you if you are looking for the right dryer to control the drying process in your fruit drying production line or if you can't make a uniform final product, cut down on product waste, speed up start-up times after cleaning, keep product properties, or meet hygiene standards. You're in the right place!

Accuracy in temperature, humidity, and drying times is crucial to optimising the drying process.

- Fluid bed dryer/cooler

- Rotary drum dryer

- Freeze dryer

- Vacuum dryer

Apart from drying and cooling, TiERMAX has dedicated solution for other thermal processes such as:

Pasteurizing, Roasting, Sterilizing, Cooling, Agglomerating, baking, calcinating, conditioning, dedusting, inert gas drying, buffing, steam stripping, etc.

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