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Ceramics Ingredients Dosing System

Ceramics Ingredients Dosing System

TiERMAX can offer a wide range of dosing and feeding equipment to meet the need of ceramics industry areas. With our knowledge, we can offer you precise dosing equipment that is completely safe for high, regular, or low throughputs, depending on the type of your bulk and raw materials.

Here types of weight feeders:

- Screw Feeder
- Belt Feeder
- Vibrating Feeder
- Gravity Feeder
- Liquid dosing system
- Batch dosing systems

The dosing feeder enables a continuous feeding by regulating its speed depending on volumetric and weight or loss in weight configuration to get a constant flow rate.

All of the dosing and feeding system can be manufactured entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, in addition to the parts in contact with the product.

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