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Universal Homogenizing Mixer

Universal Homogenizing Mixer

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Universal Homogenizing Mixer

Universal Homogenizing Mixer | TIERMAX

Universal Homogenizing Mixer

TiERMAX can offer universal homogenizing mixer which is a complete, compact and patented transformation system that integrates different machines into a single process. Universal homogenizing mixer is an all-in-one system that lets you introduce all of the ingredients in one step. This is a radical break with old methods, bringing down the number of stages to one single uninterrupted cycle. Universal homogenizing mixer is a one-for-all system because it meets the needs and demands of whoever uses it, and because it can be adapted to multiple fields of application.

Advantages of universal Homogenizing Mixer

It elevates the quality

It elevates the quality

It speeds up processes

It speeds up processes

It ensures replicability

It customises processes

Many functions of universal Homogenizing Mixer:


To make ganaches, mayonnaises, cold sauces and pates: perfect emulsions in their structure, stable over time, shiny and de-aerated thanks to constant temperature control.


To make almond, hazelnut and pistachio paste. The universal processing mixer allows to slow down the dried fruit oxidation and to regulate the working speed. Universal processing mixer keeps the product in perfect balance between fibre and oils. The process is carried out in controlled cold temperature to maintain the natural taste of the raw materials.


To make jams, marmalades, tomato sauces, condensed milk. The concentrations in vacuum preserve all the organoleptic characteristics and the nutritive principles of the ingredients. The universal processing mixer returns ultra-fast and customizable concentrations thanks to the possibility of evaporation below 100°.


To make fruit juices, creams, bechamel and hot sauces. The patented cavity steam cooking system guarantees cooking speed, control and uniformity of temperature. On request, direct intake of steam into the container.

Osmosis candying

To make candied fruit and mustards of excellent quality and in record time with the exclusive our partner technology.


To make spreadable and fondue cheeses. The vacuum system and the power of the blade, release a structurally superior, smooth and homogeneous fusion. Ultra-fast heating allows the processing cycle in half the time.


To make marshmallows, meringues and mousses. Thanks to our partner technology it is possible to standardize the intake of air for a result with extraordinary softness.


To make muffins, stuffed with meat, cheese and fish; choux pastry, shortcrust pastry. With universal processing mixer it is possible to knead both cold and hot in a very short time for a homogeneous and smooth result


To make icings, creams and ganaches. Rapid cooling increases product life by shortening storage times. Temperature reduction occurs in the same processing cycle.


To make jellies and mirepoix. With universal processing mixer it is possible to cook with channeled evaporation outside the work environment, without environmental pollution, using a gentle heat that preserves original aromas, colours and fragrances.

Pressure cooking

To make meat sauce, pates, soups, risottos, meat dishes, humus and other legume creams. Thanks to pressure cooking in the absence of air, the flavour of the ingredients is enhanced, the product is not burned and the times are noticeably shorter.

Universal Homogenizing Mixer

Technical Specification

Model Contruction Bowl capacity Max. Temperature Max. vacuum variable speed Dimensions (LxDxH)
TRO 8 TRO 15 TRO 25 TRO 40 TRO 70 TRO 120 TRO 150 TRO 350 TRO 550 TRO 860
8 litres 15 litres 25 litres 40 litres 70 litres 120 litres 150 litres 350 litres 550 litres 860 litres
120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C
-990 mbar -990 mbar -990 mbar -990 mbar -990 mbar -990 mbar -990 mbar -990 mbar -990 mbar -990 mbar
30/3000 rpm 30/3000 rpm 30/3000 rpm 30/3000 rpm 30/2000 rpm 30/2000 rpm 30/2000 rpm 50/1500 rpm 50/1500 rpm 50/1000 rpm
848 x 822 x 840 mm 1121 x 986 x 143 mm 1334 x 1094 x 1517 mm 1461 x 1166 x 1578 mm 1654 x 1401 x 1816 mm 1670 x 1810 x 1750 mm 2320 x 1755 x 2061 mm 2700 x 2030 x 2433 mm 2889 x 2128 x 2413 mm 3140 x 2140 x 2570 mm