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Industrial Vacuum Cooking Vessel

Industrial Vacuum Cooking Vessel

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Industrial Vacuum Cooking Vessel

Industrial Vacuum Cooking Vessel | TIERMAX

Industrial Vacuum Cooking Vessel

The vacuum cooking process gently cooks and simmers products at temperatures below the equivalent atmospheric temperature. Processing under vacuum enables quick evaporation of moisture from the product at much lower temperature (50˚C to 85˚C) than atmospheric (100˚C), thus preserving the natural flavours, high vitamin and nutrient content of even most delicate raw fruits. The processing at lower temperature preserves natural colours of the raw materials and prevents food darkening and discoloration. Food processing in the overpressure conditions reduces cooking process time, hence better efficiency and higher productivity. Our solution of the above issue is our vacuum cooking vessel for industrial vacuum cooking. Industrial vacuum cooking vessel comprises different types of versatile and flexible processing units designed for the preparation of a wide range of different food products.

Advantages of industrial vacuum cooking vessel:

Hygienic design according to HACCP norms

Entire construction of high-quality stainless steel

Well proven agitation technique

Process cycle possible at atmospheric pressure, and/or in overpressure, and/or in vacuum

Features of industrial vacuum cooking vessel:

Easy filling and emptying

Easy and efficient cleaning, CIP and SIP

High productivity

User-friendly operating

Quick recipe change possible

PLC process control

Reverse heating / cooling system

Aseptic process cycle optional

Emptying by means of

a positive displacement pump and overpressure (nitrogen inert gas)

complete process automation

and data recording

 Industrial Vacuum Cooking Vessel

Our vacuum cooking vessel is ideal for production of jams, Marmalades, Ketchup, Ajvar, Fruit and chocolate topping, baby food, sauces, Soups, Ready meals, Fruit fillings, etc.

Our industrial vacuum cooking vessel processing vessels can be operating in semi-automatic or in fully automatic mode. All-important processing parameters such as: cooking times, mixing, homogenizing, temperatures and vacuum level are controlled and can be regulated. Recipe management and process flow can also be automated.



 Industrial Vertical Vacuum Cooking

Vertical vacuum cooker has an integrated interior cone and a vertically built-in special counteracting- coaxial double agitator with scrapers. The vessel is heated by means of saturated steam and cooled by means of cold water through the outside double jacket and through the internal cone. The body of the vessel is double-jacketed and externally thermo-insulated. Heating/cooling jacket is divided into three zones which enable the processing of different batch sizes (different product quantities). In addition to the external heating jacket, the vacuum cooker vessel
also has an internal heated cone to enhance heating, which results in shorter cooking process time and consequently in higher productivity.


Industrial Horizontal Vacuum Cooker

Horizontal vacuum cooker is a horizontal type of the vacuum cooking vessel equipped with a horizontally built-in heated agitator with scrapers. The body of the vessel is double-jacketed with two separate heating/cooling zones (bottom and walls), and it is outside thermo- insulated.