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Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis Extraction

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Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis Extraction | TIERMAX

Cannabis Extraction

TiERMAX provides complete technology for extracting Cannabis Crude Oil from the world leader in Bio-Extraction Technology. Cannabis extraction, solvent recovery, and decarboxylation integrated into one system. Minimal solvent residue left in spent biomass due to steam stripping; sub-zero extraction temperature, no winterization, and no centrifugation.

Cannabis extraction businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase their competitive advantage by increasing throughput, decreasing downtime, and reducing production costs, among other things.

We are able to reduce the time required for extraction and post-processing from many days to a few hours with CryoEXS technology.


Advantages of our Cannabis extraction system:

No time-consuming winterization needed

Included GMP documentation

Design compliant to EU/ATEX regulations

plug-and-play design for faster installation and commissioning

High quality, engineered and made in Germany

All process steps in one system

Time and cost-efficient process equipment

Recovery of ethanol out of biomass after extraction

Gentle evaporation technology

performance data-Cannabis extraction:

Products: Dry cannabis, hemp biomass

Particle size: approx.5-15mm

Products bulk density: approx. 104 kg/m3

Solvent extraction: Ethanol (min. 96vol.%)

Extraction temp.: approx. – 40C

Design pressure: -0.9 – 0.5 barg

The feature of Cannabis extraction system:

GMP documentation:

The provided documentation is suitable to apply for any GMP certification.

Plug and play design:

The CryoEXS Ethanol Extraction System is delivered completely piped and cabled, and it may be put into operation immediately after being connected to the utilities system.

Extraction control system:

The control system guides the user through the operation process and is designed to be simple to operate. It has multiple user levels and a programme for cleaning the equipment's interior.

CryoEXS extractor size:

Extractors with 100 l, 300 l and 600 l of gross volume

Explosion Protection:

Due to the use of ethanol for solvent the equipment is designed to match with hazardous environment conditions Ethanol IIB T3, inside zone 1 / outside zone 2 (ATEX II 2G / ATEX II 3G). Other standards, e.g. UL or IECEx, can be provided upon request.

Special performance:

Extraction with CryoEthanol (- 40°C)

TiERMAX solution for cannabis extraction:

Our main services for cannabis extraction system include the following:

– Designing the right extraction processes for the value chain from fresh cannabis/hemp biomass to distilled oil.

– Planning extraction production facilities.

– Integrating CryoEXS extraction system, Short Path Distillation, and other process equipment into a layout for a plant.

– Special areas, such as EX zones, clean areas, or areas that are only accessible to people with special permissions.

– Planning and administration of internal/external solvents

– Processing GMP documentation and certification with its partner network

– Managing maintenance services and spare parts supply

– Keeping track of maintenance and spare parts supply

– Training local people to operate the machines


Description of the cannabis extraction system:

The All-in-one cannabis extraction system, solvent Recovery, and decarboxylation system is used to get the crude extract from cannabis biomass. Reusing the solvent that was used in the first extraction process can save money in the long extraction run. Our CryoEXS comes in three standard sizes, and it can handle 50 kg to 360 kg of dried biomass in 8 hours, depending on the bulk density of the raw material.

Our CryoEXS Ethanol Extraction System integrates the following processes:

– Solvent cooling

– Cryo-Ethanol extraction

– Ethanol extraction from biomass following extraction

– Ethanol recovery from crude extract


The downstream of cannabis extraction system:

After the extraction cycle, the crude extract of cannabis is sucked from the extractor and passed through filters to remove any suspended materials.

To optimize output, the remaining moisture can be extracted from the wet cake by using a vacuum system. The ethanol solvent can be stripped from the solid matter by steam to avoid larger quantities of solvent are being released, but also to ensure the recovery and re-use of the solvent. By opening the bottom, the extractor’s wet cannabis biomass is discharged and falls into containers, for example.

The cannabis crude extract is indirectly heated by process steam until the solvent evaporates during the one-effect flash evaporation process. The solvent vapors are separated, condensed, and collected.

Then, if needed, a decarboxylation step is performed. We can design the downstream process based on your requirements such as short path distillation, purified cannabinoids and etc.