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Salt Dryer

Salt Dryer

TiERMAX is a leading supplier of drying plants, we can offer fluid bed plants and rotary drum processing lines for drying, de-dusting, cooling and conditioning to the minerals industry.
The choice of the optimum drying technology depends on the raw material flow, properties and the utilities available.

For large-scale drying, such as in the minerals industries, TiERMAX offers a high-temperature fluidized bed design for optimum energy efficiency.
Food-grade salt, as well as salt for other applications, needs to be drier than industrial salt. Therefore, the undried vacuum salt from the centrifuges is fed into another dryer. Various drying systems can be used.

TiERMAX offers fluid bed salt dryer, which also houses a cooling section.
In this salt dryer, hot air is blown through a layer of undried salt. This cross-flow maximizes the heat transfer from the drying air to the salt, rendering this one of the most efficient drying processes.
The air velocity of the drying air is adjusted in such a way that the product layer remains fluidized. The same principle applies for the cooling process, in which ambient air, or conditioned (cooled) air, is blown through the salt layer.

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