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Fluid Bed Sand Dryer

Fluid Bed Sand Dryer

The first step in the processing of sand, gravel and aggregates after mining is a washing and classification process. The material may be screened and stored but at some point moisture content needs to be reduced to meet a specification required for sale or further processing. Operating a sand dryer to dry your mineral product is frequently the greatest operating expense in your process and therefore with proper planning can be your greatest cost-saving opportunity.

TiRMAX offers Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler that is a machine in which a continuous flow of wet granular material is dried and subsequently cooled. Drying of the material occurs because of the direct contact between the sand and the hot drying air that is blown through a layer of the product.

Commonly used drying technologies in industry today for minerals and aggregates are rotary drum dryers, static fluid bed dryer, vibrating fluid bed dryers and shaking fluid bed dryers.

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