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Complete production line for instant coffee

Complete production line for instant coffee

TiERMAX supplies production lines for instant spray-dried coffee powder as well as freeze-dried coffee granulate with the highest hygienic requirements. Modern and reliable, state-of-the-art technology is used for all production stages.

We offer user-friendly instant coffee plants with capacities ranging from 50 – 1,500 kg/h.
TiERMAX / DEVEX are pleased to present you with the complete processing line for the production of instant coffee, from the green bean to the final granulate, ready for packaging.

Coffee beans roasting and grinding

Coffee beans roasting and grinding

First and foremost, the quality and blend of the coffee bean determine the quality of the coffee extract. This is related to the particulars of the processing phases, such as roasting and grinding, the extraction method, fragrance recovery, and final drying.

When coffee beans are roasted at temperatures above 180°C, the heat drives the water out of them. Beans that are going to be used in instant products are roasted the same way as beans that are going to be brewed at home, but the moisture content may be left about 7–10% higher.

The beans are then ground into a coarse powder so that there aren’t too many small pieces that could stop water from moving through an industrial brewing system. The aromas that were made are then mixed with the extracted concentrate to get the flavor that is needed.

Extraction plant for Instant coffee production

Extraction plant for Instant coffee production

The wonderful smell of coffee is part of what makes it fun to make and drink. During the different steps of making instant coffee, volatile aromatic elements are lost.

To make an attractive instant coffee product, these elements must be added back in a later step. During different parts of the manufacturing process, aromatics can be reclaimed.

In our dedicated extraction plant, soluble solids and aromas are extracted very efficiently, and the coffee aromas are extracted gently to get the desired aroma profile. The coffee extract is then cleaned up after the extraction process. This standardized extract of coffee’s smell can be put in bottles, sprayed, or freeze dried.

Freeze dryer and vacuum dryer for Instant coffee production

The four steps of the freeze-drying process start with “primary freezing.” At about 6°C, coffee extract is chilled until it is like slush. The mud that has already been chilled is then put on a steel belt, tray, or drum and cooled in a series of steps until it reaches -45°C.

When granules cool quickly (in 30–120 seconds), they are smaller and lighter in color. When they cool slowly (in 10–180 minutes), they are bigger and darker. The ice slabs are ground down to the right size for the step after drying. The particles are put through a sieve to make sure they are the right size. The ones that are too small are melted and sent back to the first stage of freezing.

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