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Catalyst Impregnation

Catalyst Impregnation

TiERMAX can offer rotating drum mixer & double cone blender for catalyst producers.

In rotating drum mixer besides mixing and blending, our technology offers a very effective way to process powders and granulate in others ways than just mixing. The examples are:

Liquid dosing: impregnation, moisturizing, coating

Heat transfer: cooling, heating, drying

Freezing & Disinfection

Many types of granular mixers can be potentially used in the dry impregnation process including double cone blenders, v-blenders, and rotating drum mixers. The spraying rate, the rotation speed and the nozzle position have significant effects on the solution distribution.

During this process, a solution containing active metal components is added to the porous catalyst supports. Capillary action draws the solution into the pores and metal precursors are adsorbed onto the high surface area support.

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