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Baking Mix Packaging

Baking Mix Packaging

TiERMAX supplies the packaging equipment for semi-finished products and any type and composition for the food industry, such as baking mixes or pastry premix.

The weighing, packaging, and end-of-line are designed to meet a variety of customer requests. Our machines for packaging baking mixes and pastry premixes are made to be easy to clean and safe for hygienic food packaging. Thanks to net weight and gross weight weighing systems, it is possible to dose and manage any level of production.

Semi-finished foodstuffs can be packaged using:

- For packages weighing 50 g to 25 kg

- Bagging machines for packaging in open-mouth bags up to 50 Kg.

- Big-bag machines for packaging large quantities.

All of the machines used to package semi-finished foods can be made out of AISI 304 stainless steel, not just the parts that touch the food.

How do you make a great package for a pastry premix (baking mix) ?

How do you make a great package for a pastry premix (baking mix) ?

With baking mixes, you can quickly and easily make your favorite baked goods, like brownies, cakes, bread, and more. If you package these mixes the right way, they will stay fresh and safe. So, what’s the trick to packing?


Bright colours and bold patterns help catch the eye of customers. This is a great way to make your product stand out from the other ones. Include a clear or frosted window in the design of your package to let your customer see what’s inside.


When it comes to baking mix packaging, convenience is key. Press-to-close zippers are the best way to keep things from spilling out. They make it easy to use products like powdered sugar and flour that can be used for more than one thing. Easy-open tear notches make it easier for everyone to use, from young children to older people. They can be opened quickly and cleanly without scissors.


Flexible packaging is great for shipping a wide range of baked goods and baking mixes. Because of this, it is a great choice for efficient storage and cheap shipping. When packing baking mixes, there are a lot of different types of flexible packaging to choose from. Most people choose a pouch that stands up. It is easy to store in kitchen cabinets because of its flexible shape, ability to be resealed, and durability.


The mixes must stay fresh so that the baked goods taste great. Packaging is a big part of keeping the item inside safe. The longer a product stays fresh, the less oxygen and moisture can get into the package. Flexible packaging laminates offer protection with a high barrier. They keep dangerous things from getting into the packaging and keep the fresh-baked taste of the product inside.

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