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Tea and Leaves Packaging

Tea and Leaves Packaging

The packaging of tea and its leaves is one of the most crucial steps in the process of tea production. Actually, having adequate packaging ensures the highest possible output in terms of both flavor and aroma.

Tea can be packaged with the help of TiERMAX's automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines. These machines ensure that the raw material and the tea's characteristics are respected while also making use of vacuum packaging methods.

It is possible to package the tea using:

- Vertical packaging machines, for 50 g to 25 Kg packages

- Bagging machines for packaging in open-mouth bags up to 50 Kg

- Big-bag machines for packaging large quantities.

AISI 304 stainless steel can be used to make the whole machine for packing spices, not just the parts that touch the product.

Using shrink wrappers and case packers, the packaged spices and herbs can be put into groups and put into boxes. Lastly, the packages can be put on pallets and wrapped by automatic and semi-automatic wrappers. This is possible because there are many different kinds of palletizers.

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