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Mixers for coffee production

Mixers for coffee production

TiERMAX offer the ideal solution for preparing powder or bean coffee blends. TiERMAX mixers are built with food-grade finishing (perfectly smooth and ground welds, crack and crevice free, with all parts in contact with product polished to a very low degree of roughness, typically ≤0.8 microns).

Moreover, the units can be fitted with liquid injection systems (simple liquid ports on the top of the drum or proper injection wands with spray nozzles and/or ato¬mizers). For powder mixes, high-speed refiners can also be fitted.

Our mixer can be equipped with a num¬ber of accessories, such as a pneumatic panel, temperature sensor, revolution counter, supporting frame, filter cage and sleeve, discharge extension with sa¬fety grid, and many more.

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