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Medicinal Herbs Dryer

Medicinal Herbs Dryer

Drying is a mass transfer process in which water or another solvent is removed from a solid, semi-solid, or liquid by evaporation. You're in the right place if you want to control the drying process, if you can't make a uniform final product, cut down on product waste, speed up start-up times after cleaning, keep product properties, or meet hygiene standards.

Accuracy in temperature, humidity, and drying times are crucial to optimizing the drying process.

TiERMAX can offer drying machine to help you to dry and/or cool food products, animal feed, minerals, or chemicals in an energy-efficient way.

Here types of drying machine:

- Fluid bed dryer (fluidized bed)
- Drum dryer
- Vacuum dryer
- Belt Dryer
- Freeze dryer
- Air Dehumidifier
- Evaporation unit

Apart from drying and cooling, TiERMAX has dedicated solution for other thermal processes such as:

Pasteurizing, Roasting, Sterilizing, Cooling, Agglomerating, baking, calcinating, conditioning, dedusting, inert gas drying, buffing, steam stripping, etc.

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