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Herbs & Spices Packaging

Herbs & Spices Packaging

The packing of herbs and spices is a delicate operation that can easily go wrong.

During the bagging phase, TiERMAX pays the most attention to how tight the closure is, how clean it is, and how well it keeps the powder from spreading. This helps keep the product's quality intact.

All of the machines we offer, from the simplest to the most automated and powerful, are made with new ideas and cutting-edge technology to make sure that spices and herbs are always perfectly packaged.

Herbs and spices can be put into

- Vertical packaging machines for 50 g to 25 kg packages,

- Packaging machines for 50 g to 25 kg packages,

-Big-bag machines for packaging large quantities of spices and herbs.

AISI 304 stainless steel can be used to make the whole machine for packing spices, not just the parts that touch the product.

Using shrink wrappers and case packers, the packaged spices and herbs can be put into groups and put into boxes. Lastly, the packages can be placed on pallets and wrapped with automatic and semi-automatic wrappers. This is possible because there are many different kinds of palletizers.

Why is packaging of herbs and spices important?

Why is packaging of herbs and spices important?

During storage, herbs and spices go through many physical, chemical, and microbial changes. Good packaging can slow the rate of deterioration and may also make a product last longer.

In recent years, people have used a wide range of packages and methods to interact with food and get the results they want. Some of these include adding oxygen, moisture, or ethylene scavengers to foods that are sensitive to oxygen, using carbon dioxide, chemicals that add flavor, and antimicrobial agents to make sure food is safe from microbes.

This is because technological advances have brought down the cost of packaging materials and because plastic films have properties that make them very good for food packaging.

Eco-friendly solution to package your spices and herbs

Eco-friendly solution to package your spices and herbs

Packaging in vertical bags or flow packs is now a normal part of how we make and sell products, and since this type of machine can package a large number of products, it is inevitable that it will be used.

In many cases, they are even necessary because they make the contents last longer and cut down on wasted herbs and spices.

Bioplastics are the answer to the huge amount of plastic waste that pollutes the environment. They enable the recycling and reuse of plastics.

Bioplastics are made of materials that can be composted or broken down over time.
Our machines are easy to change so that they can use bioplastic film to make compostable packaging and packaging that will break down over time.

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