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Discharging System for paint Industry

Discharging System for paint Industry

The paint production lines include storage, distribution and automatic dosing systems for numerous components such as pigments, fillers and resins. Many different grades of Titanium Dioxide, Carbon Black and Carbonates.

The raw materials are supplied in big bags, sacks or trucks depending on the product which have to be supplied to the agitated vessels that are typically used. It is usually mandatory to achieve a dust tight discharge from trucks, big bags and bags.

TiERMAX offers special discharge, pneumatic conveying and recipe preparation solutions for these demanding powders.

The big bags are placed in discharge stations. The big bag discharge openings are sealed using connection system so they are dust-tight. Dosing screws dose the raw materials into the vacuum line leading to the conveying scales.

The sacks are discharged and supplied to the system via several feeding hoppers.

The full bulk materials containers are then supplied to the mixing and filling process.

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