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Animal Feed Production Plant (3 ton/h)

Animal Feed Production Plant up to 3 ton/h

TiERMAX can offer the modular animal feed production plant (3 ton/h), which consists of 4 stackable modules that contain the pre-assembled machines.
Occupying only 2.2 x 9.05 x 4.5 H meters, this system can be installed in small spaces, without the need for complicated brickwork prior to installation.

The same machines normally installed in industrial plants are contained within this system.
Materials are transported within the feed manufacturer by means of a chain conveyor, which optimizes maintenance operations as well as consumption.

Storage of raw materials and management of finished products can be customized according to the client’s needs. The system can be completed with our semi-automatic or automatic bagging lines.

Advantages of 3 ton/h Modular Animal Feed Production Plant

Advantages of 3 ton/h Modular Animal Feed Production Plant

– Very versatile

– Great possibility of customization of the configurations, depending on customer requirements

– Control Panel integrated into the animal feed production plant with large Touch Screen

– Wide range of products according to the modules installed (Flour, Pellets, Extruded)

– Fast installation

– Easy to clean with dedicated inspection points

– Possibility of expansion over time, with the addition of dedicated accessories

– Possibility of re-positioning in other spaces in the future

– Limited maintenance

– Manufactured in AISI304 stainless steel so as to guarantee long duration over time

Complete Animal Feed Production Plant (3 ton/h)

Complete Animal Feed Production Plant (3 ton/h)

The complete Animal Feed Production Plant (3 ton/h) is made of:

– Raw materials dosage silos

– Modular system for the production of animal feed
complete with dosing, grinding and mixing, in addition
to the Premix automatic dosing unit

– Tubular chain conveyor

– Modular Pelleting unit complete with press,
cooler, crumbler, and sifter

– Semi-automatic packaging system,
with product reserve container.

We can create complete plants of any size, for the storage, conveying, dosing, mixing, grinding and dicing of various products. In addition, we can also follow our clients from the design phase of the building works, the manufacturing and the installation of the machinery, the complete realization of the entire production plant, all the way to the plant management software.

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