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Open mouth bagging machine-up to 5 BPM

Open mouth bagging machine-up to 5 BPM

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Open mouth bagging machine-up to 5 BPM

Open mouth bagging machine-up to 5 BPM | TIERMAX

Open mouth bagging machine-up to 5 BPM

TiERMAX can offer the open mouth bagging line which represents the best solution for packaging of various products in open mouth bags, realized in every shape and material. Our open mouth bagging machine can be equipped with net and gross weighing systems, fed by different kinds of dosing units, according to the products.

Distinctive elements of the “automatic open mouth bagging machine – up to 5 BPM” are the deaerating probe, which allows removal of excess air and the filling “mouth”, with hermetic sealing of the package during the filling cycle. The combination of these two elements means this model can manage any powdered product with slow flow speed.

Features and advantages of our open mouth bagging machine

Adaptability to different formats, simply and quickly

Bag opening and presentation in a unique solution for increased processing efficiency

Deaerating probe positioned inside the filling spout

Filling spout with hermetic sealing

Chain conveyor unit for firmer holding during transport to the closing station

Compatible with gross weight weighing machines with screw or twin screw dosing machines, for the different types of product processed

The parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel

Automatic control of the correct operating cycle

Security and access control integrated system

Touch-screen operator panel

Self-diagnosis system for anomalies and verification via display.

Available options for our open mouth bagging machine

Marking and labelling systems

Framework in 304 or 316 stainless steel

Pinch-top bags closure

Parts in contact with aggressive materials in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel

Bag fold-over and sewing device

Device for application of crepe tape and trimming knives

Sealing systems with impulse or "hot bar" technology

Check weigher and metal detector systems

Remote assistance

Charactristics of our open mouth bagging machine


Easiness of use, thanks to the control panel, touch-screen type, easy and intuitive.


Automatic format change, grants a full range of adjusting without requiring any manual intervention.


The special bag handling, firmly holding the upper bag edge during its course inside the line, allows to work very unstable products with relevant speed.


components of top quality, parts made in our factory by CNC machining centers, together with the strength of the structure, a monoblock completely closed, ensures maximum reliability and extended life.