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Continues Kneader

Continues Kneader

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Continues Kneader

Continues Kneader | TIERMAX

Continues Kneader

The Continuous Kneader is a moderate-shear single-screw extruder ideally suited for distinctive mixing principle specially for shear- and temperature-sensitive compounds. Three rows of pins in fixed locations along the barrel wall interact with discontinuous flights on the screw. As the screw rotates, it also oscillates creating a series of shearing, stretching and folding action (similar to taffy or dough kneading) that leads to excellent mixing of the product at low shear.

The Continuous Kneader will be best choice when you need to performed multiple processing steps in the same unit and ideal for avoiding thermal degradation at high outputs.
We are focus for thermo elastic (TPU, TPO ), Rigid PVC (RPVC) , Flexible PVC (PPVC or FPVC) ,high filled masterbatch and carbon black masterbatch (carbon black over 40%).


PVC compound

High Density Color Masterbatch

Halogen free flame retardants (HFFR)

Thermoplastic elastomeric(TPE)

Wire and Cable Compound ( Sheath, Filler and Insulation compound )

High filled masterbatch


Lower peak shear rate

Smaller foot print

Easy to clean and faster product changeover

Higher throughput at slower screw speeds

Decrease operation cost by reduce additive volume in formulation

Lower energy consumption


Screw Diameter

40 – 780 mm


8 - 22

Max. Power

1000 kW