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Pet Food & Fish Food Production

Pet Food and Fish Food Production

Tiermax offers a wide variety of design, construction, and installation of plants and components for the feed manufacturing industry. Our plants stand out for their high level of reliability, quality, and technological innovation.

We have corporate with Mial for Pet Food and Fish Food production plant. Our design represents the best-possible compromise for the production of extruded and pellet pet food and fish food using technical solutions that allow reduced consumption and user-friendliness.

The combination of cutting-edge production technologies and the latest generation single-screw and twin-screw extruders enables the production of high-quality dry food.

All of the pet food and fish food production plants are managed by control and management programs that we develop in order to synchronize the operation of the individual machines.
The ability to configure each plant to meet the needs of the customer with great flexibility allows all requests to be met.

Pet Food & Fish Food Production

Benefits of Tiermax pet food and fish food production line

  • Great possibility of customization of the configurations, depending on customer requirements
  • Minimize of spaces
  • Automation of the production process with a dedicated dosing system through
  • Easy to install and user-friendly operation
  • Energy saving
  • Limited maintenance
  • Easy to clean with dedicated inspection points
  • Possibility of expansion over time, with the addition of dedicated accessories


Pet Food & Fish Food Production

Pet Food Bagging and Packaging Machine

In pet food packaging, the high production and the aesthetics of the bags are essential. We have confidence that our solution can satisfy both requirements.For a higher production rate, we can integrate vibrating channels or multi-head systems with net weight or gross weight weighing systems.

We are able to open mouth bags (totani bags, doypack, and bags with our without side gussets handle to provide automatic) , plastic reels bags, and VFFS. The typical pet food packaging machines are:

  • Vertical packaging machines( 50 gr to 25 Kg )
  • Bagging machines for packaging in open-mouth bags( up to 50 Kg)
  • big-bag machines for packaging large quantities


Tiermax can bundle shrink wrappers, case packers, and palletizers to the pet food packaging line.

  • MF Punch 3000 ( different types of bags )
  • IABA 800 S ( Open mouth nag from 5 kg to 30 kg )
  • VFFS 54 ( Plastic reels bag from 50 gr to 30 kg )
  • Big bag filling system ( 500 kg to 2000 kg )


Pet Food & Fish Food Production

Hammer Mill for Pet Food and Fish Food

Tiermax supply hammer mill with a special design for pet food and fish food production which eliminate the possibility of errors and user friends.

The large sliding doors and the release system of the press grid with return springs allow for quick and easy screen replacement. The precise design of the internal geometries, as well as the rotor’s balancing, significantly reduce noise emissions and vibrations.

Features and benefits:

  • Unique hammer change system.
  • High rotation speed means greater grinding efficiency.
  • Easy replacement of the rotor for easy maintenance and to reduce machine downtime.
  • Double rotation direction to optimize the wear of the hammers and screens.
  • Power supply with gravimetric and magnetic separation for a uniform dosing
  • Easily removable high-capacity waste container
  • Heat-treated special steel hammers with 4 usable edges.
  • Optimization of friction in order to guarantee low energy consumption.
  • Armor made of wear-resistant and easy-to-replace materials. Reusable up to 4 times.
Pet Food & Fish Food Production

Dosing System for Pet Food and Fish Food

Our dosing system is suitable to integrate formulations with micro-ingredients for pet food and fish food production plants. The dosing system can be connected to your plant management system to automatically adjust based on your formulation.

The dosing and weighing system control with a dedicated dosing screws feeder for powder and granule and dosing pumps for liquids. The number and size of the dosing hopper depend on your requirement.


Features and benefits:


  • Possibility of introducing small amounts of ingredients with great accuracy.
  • Particular attention to easy inspection and cleaning.
  • Possibility of installing safety systems for loading the containers in a way to prevent pollution.
  • Possibility of installation with bridge-breaker devices depending on the product to be dosed.
  • Limited maintenance
  • Can be completed with software and dedicated control board.
  • Analysis and traceability of the liquids used in the individual formulae.