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Ingredients Transfer & Handling

Ingredients Transfer & Handling

Granular and powder food processing plants are sophisticated and complex. They use advanced engineering and innovative automation technology. To understand how these plants work and what they do, we use a modular structure to break the flow of material handling into several distinct stages, which are connected and follow a typical order. 

These stages and their typical order are:

Unloading, Storage, Feeding, Dosing, Mixing, Drying, and Packing

Pneumatic conveying and mechanical conveying are used to transfer granular and powder ingredients within or between stages. This type of conveying occurs generally within and between the unloading and processing stages.

There are four types of pneumatic conveying used, and which method is used depends on many factors. The methods used are dilute or dense phase, as pressure or vacuum systems.

Tiermax pneumatic transport systems for the food industry are designed to meet stringent hygiene requirements.

Ingredients Transfer & Handling

Typical Application of Conveying Used in Food Industry

  • Emptying (and filling) of big bags, material loading in combination with protective sieving and metal detection
  • Mixer loading (product feeding to mixers)
  • Product supply to filling systems and packing machines
  • Product supply for dosing devices (volumetric/gravimetric)
  • Kneader feeding
  • Material replenishment to dusting systems
  • Silo filling

TiERMAX solution for ingredients transfer

The Tiermax standard includes materials of construction, welding procedures, surface finish, seal materials, and cleaning access. In many applications, the filtration, drying, and cooling of the conveying air must also comply with recognised standards. Typical applications in the food industry include road tanker offloading, gentle transport of fragile products to storage vessels, process operations, and packing.

Typical ingredients include: spices, starches, bakery ingredients, flour, corn meal, sugar, salt, coffee beans, coffee powder, rice, tea, soy beans, nuts, milk powders, whey powders, potato powder, cheese powders, infant formula, baby food, casein, pet food, snacks, popcorn, bread crumbs.

Most food ingredients are of organic origin and therefore flammable, as they can form explosive dust. Volkmann Vacuum Conveyors are ATEX certified. Even substances with low minimum ignition energy, such as maltodextrin or corn flour, are transported reliably, efficiently, and safely.


Ingredients Transfer & Handling

Feeding & Dosing System

Dosing accuracy has become an important topic because of the need to comply with today’s high quality standards in feed production. Dosing influences the homogeneity of the mix which in turn determines quality parameters of the feed. The degree of homogeneity that can be achieved with liquid and solid additives depends partly on the absolute amount dosed.

Tiermax high accurate feeders are specially designed for pet food and fish food ingredients to dose the raw materials (loss in weight, volumetric) or liquids (loss in weight).