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Infant Formula

Powder Handling, Dosing and Mixing

Powder handling for baby and infant formula production requires the strictest food safety and quality standards. When dealing with such sensitive products, food safety comes first, but protecting the nutritional value of the product is essential as well.

Nutritional formulas represent important sources of key dietary components, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Each formula will have a precisely defined composition.

Processing will commonly involve mixing all or most of the dry ingredients into one or more liquid raw materials.

The process can be simplified further if the liquid ingredients are substituted by powder ingredients. It is then possible to combine all the dry raw materials into a powder mix that has the desired composition.

To handle a wide variety of difficult flowing and temperature-sensitive ingredients, we can assist you with all the necessary technology and know-how to produce high quality, nutritionally safe infant formula.

With Tiermax hygienic designs, equipment can be cleaned by either wet or dry cleaning methods.

Infant Formula


  • Tiermax dosing system is highly accurate to ensure correct composition of the final product
  • With Tiermax hygienic designs, equipment can be able to be cleaned by either wet or dry cleaning methods.
  • Tiermax equipment can be used to handle a wide variety of difficult flowing and temperature-sensitive ingredients like lactose
  • Tieramax pneumatic conveying systems (both dense phase vacuum and positive pressure) can be used to minimize powder attrition, and help to preserve the physical structure and quality of the final product.


Infant Formula

Minor Ingredients Handling & Dosing

Minor ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, also need to be prepared before they can be used in the manufacturing process.

The minor ingredients can be introduced at different stages in the process.

For small amounts weighing and dosing could be carried out as manual operations, whereas for larger quantities minor ingredients may be handled using a semi-automatic or automatic system. We can configure a solution that will meet your processing needs.

Infant Formula


Every infant milk formula is blended as a precise mix of multiple ingredients. These may include dry powders and different oil types as well as the liquid milk or whey products.
Each ingredient will require a particular solution for safe and reliable handling .Tiermax provides key know-how about mixing processes and will work with you to design systems that match your capacity and throughput and ensure accurate batch control as well as reliable, consistent product mix composition.