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Green Anode Paste

Producing Green Anode Paste

The anode plays an essential role in the process of aluminium production; it is used in the reduction reaction of aluminium while transmitting electric current.

It is noteworthy that the quality of the anode has a great impact on the quality of aluminium produced and its process. Actually, a good quality anode in the reduction cell facilitates the production process and ensures product quality.

The raw materials for the anode include calcined petroleum coke, refined bitumen, and coal tar, as well as the remaining anodes used in the reduction unit (bats).

Tiermax provides a wide range of handling and processing solutions for green anode manufacturing, from raw material discharging, conveying, dosing, and preheating to paste mixing technologies.

Our green anode plant solutions are designed for excellent reliability and availability.

We are the aluminium industry’s leading supplier of anode kneaders, preheating screws, material handling, and dosing.

Green Anode Paste

Benefits of Tiermax Solutions for Producing Green Anode Paste

  • Reliable and accurate dosing systems
  • Most economical and low maintenance conveying systems.
  • High capacity mechanical and pneumatic conveying
  • High specific output per machine size and high machine availability.
  • Low installation and operation costs due to operational efficiency of mixing process.
  • Lower maintenance cost due to optimally designed
  • ATEX regulations in our product portfolio


Green Anode Paste

Preheating Screw

Tiermax preheaters are used to heat up petroleum coke. Petroleum coke is a residue formed as a by-product of petroleum refining and is made of almost pure carbon. Our preheaters perform the heating process and heat the product from at least 0°C to approx. 200°C. The heated petroleum coke is then mixed with hot pitch in a kneader. The paste formed is then pressed into a block shape. These blocks are then baked and represent the anode, which is used in the Hall-Héroult process electrolysis) for the reduction of aluminium

Green Anode Paste

Conveying System

Whether transporting directly from one point to another or using a more complex route with multiple entry points and destinations, we have a solution for your application.

Our conveying system experience covers a wide range of materials in anode production plant including but not limited to petroleum coke, refined bitumen, coal tar, bats.