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Catalyst and Catalyst Carrier

It is a substance that helps a chemical reaction go faster or in a different way than would normally be possible, like at a lower temperature.

Most solid catalysts are metals or the oxides, sulphides, and halides of metals, as well as the oxides, sulphides, and halides of the metals boron, aluminium, and silicon.

Solid catalysts are often mixed with other substances called catalyst supports.

Tiermax has a wide range of equipment for making catalysts. Whether you need a mixer, a loss in weight feeder, a liquid dosing system, a twin screw extruder, a dust collector, or anything else, our fully customizable solutions will help you.



Twin Screw Extruder

Extruders can be made to fit your production line with the help of our process experts, who have a lot of experience.

Tiermax extruders allow for excellent mixing, optimal degassing, and reliable cooling with high throughput. Our extruders feature robust machine construction that has low maintenance requirements, and modular construction for enhanced process flexibility.


Feeding & Dosing System

Dosing accuracy has become a big deal because it’s so important to meet today’s high quality standards when making catalysts. In the end, how much you do affects how homogeneous the mix is, which in turn affects how good the product is. In some ways, how much liquid or solid additives are added at a time affects how homogeneous they can make a drink or food.

Tiermax high-accuracy feeders are made to accurately dose raw materials (loss in weight, volumetric) or liquids. They can be used for both (loss in weight).