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Bio Polymer

Bio Polymer (Degradable Polymer) 

In recent years, plastic pollution has become more serious, and governments have begun to pay attention to the plastic revolution. Nowadays, processing biodegradable materials by the use of a high degree of the compounding process is in high demand. We have developed an automatic pelletizing line for the production of biodegradable plastic: PLA, PVA, PBS, TPS, and PPC.

To make biodegradable materials, each step of the process must be carefully thought out to make sure that the finished product has the right mechanical properties.

TiERMAX is a company that has a lot of experience with designing, building up, and installing plants and systems for the processing of biodegradable materials. TiERMAX can help you with everything from raw material handling and feeding, to mixing, extruding, pelletizing, and packaging the pellets and powders.


Bio Polymer


  • Reduce production cost
  • Automatic ingredient loading
  • High precision weighing and dosing
  • Custom design extruder
  • Manpower reduction

Normally, multiple ingredients must be dosed into an extruder in order to fulfil the unique formulation and application requirements. Before the extrusion process, a dosing system and mixing step are often used to make sure that the raw ingredients are properly dosed and mixed together.

Tiermax high torque twin screw extruder is equipped with an optimized screw configuration to efficiently manage temperature and prevent shearing heat generation. Both water ring and air pelletizers could be adopted, however, the granulation arrangement is determined by the biodegradable product’s water sensitivity.