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Battery Compounds

Battery Compounds Production

Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Iron Phosphate, Graphite, Lithium Titanate and liquids are used as raw materials in the production of battery compounds.

Graphite is currently used as the active anode material in about 90 % of all lithium-ion batteries. The remaining 10% usually comes from amorphous carbon, lithium titanate, or silicon.

In the making of battery compounds, precise weighing and the absence of contamination are very important.

Tiermax bulk material handling equipment and extrusion technology are used for producing a wide variety of battery compounds with high product quality.

There are a lot of things we can do for you to make your business run more smoothly.

Tiermax has specialty feeding solutions to precisely feed the difficult to handle battery powders.

Battery Compounds


  • Feeding the raw materials with dust-tight equipment
  • explosion protection regulations both in extrusion and raw material handling
  • Specialty feeding solutions to precisely feed the difficult to handle battery powders.
  • We can optimize every phase of your production.
  • Ensuring consistently high product quality
  • dust-tight equipment for raw material handling


Battery Compounds


Tiermax makes and sells durable, reliable mixers and extruders that are great for making high-quality anode and cathode compounds.

Our extruders can make a lot of paste at a time and have strong designs, unique and efficient mixing mechanisms, and easy access for maintenance.

Battery Compounds

Feeding System

The physical properties of the high-value powders used to make the battery compounds don’t work well with traditional hoppers and feeders. Bridging and ratholes make it hard for these important battery materials to be fed in a precise and efficient way.

Tiermax has special ways to feed battery powders that are hard to move.