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Activated Carbon

Producing Activated Carbon

People use activated carbon, which is also called activated charcoal, is a raw form of graphite, which is used to make pencil leads.

The highest volume of adsorbing porosity of any material is found in activated carbon, which has the strongest physical adsorption forces. The surface area of activated carbon can exceed 1000m2/g.

Activated carbon (activated charcoal) can be made from many substances containing a high carbon content, such as coal, coconut shells, and wood. There is a big impact on how the activated carbon looks and works because of the raw material.

There are three main forms of activated carbon: granular activated carbon (GAC), powder activated carbon (PAC), and extruded activated carbonĀ (EAC).

Tiermax provides ideal raw material discharging, conveying, dosing, feeding, mixing, with dust-tight equipment and an extrusion line for producing a wide variety of activated carbon.

All equipment is designed in compliance with stringent explosion protection regulations due to the raw materials.

Activated Carbon


  • Dust-tight equipment design (specially for raw material discharging, feeding and pneumatic conveying systems.
  • High precision dosing system
  • System design in accordance with explosion protection regulations
  • Gentle handling of the product